An overview of our website and product design.
We have broken up our lite version into three different sections:
  1. 1.
    Earn - Earn cash premiums on your token holdings by selling covered calls or on your stablecoins by selling cash-secured puts.
  2. 2.
    Target - Leverage your bullish or bearish forecast and maximize your profits with calls and puts or Debit Spreads
  3. 3.
    Support - Earn "yield" by shorting options or placing credit spreads based on a prediction of lower bound or upper bound of the price.
User-friendly options trading tools are at the forefront of Arrow's vision for empowering users to customize strategies for their market outlooks. Complex trading strategies for speculation and hedging will be precompiled into easy-to-buy options portfolios via an intuitive user interface. Our option recommendation system on our LITE version assumes no prior options trading experience.
We also have
Together, these will help options trading break into the DeFi user community.