Connect your Wallet

Multiple Wallets Support


Chrome & Firefox

  1. Open MetaMask and click on the network selector at the top. By default, it will show "Ethereum Mainnet." Scroll down and click Add Network.

2. A window will openโ€”type in the details below.

Network Name: Avalanche Network


Chain ID: 43114

Currency Symbol: AVAX

Block Explorer URL:

3. Make sure you've typed everything in correctly and click Save. Avalanche Network will now be one of your network options.

4. Visit the website. In the top right, you will see Connect Wallet button. Click it.

5. A window will appear, asking you to choose a wallet to connect to. Click MetaMask (it's the first option on the list).

MetaMask Tutorial Video

Remember - NEVER, under any situation, should you ever give someone your private key or recovery phrases.

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